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 Tuition                                                $2500.00

 Medical Employee Tuition             $2400.00


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Cancellations/Changes and Refunds:  Tuition fees for student cancellation are non-refundable. No make-up classes due to absences/tardiness. California Academy of Medical Billing reserves the right to terminate student enrollment at any time due to inappropriate conduct in class.

PAYMENT METHOD  Check or Money Order must be in U.S. funds payable to: California Academy of Medical Billing. There will be a $25.00 fee charged on checks returned by the bank due to insufficient funds. Registration confirmation/receipt and further information will be mailed/emailed.

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California Academy of Medical Billing                                                                                     

Attn: Joseph R. Martinez                                                                                                                      1327 Kansas Circle                                                                                                                         Concord, CA 94521                                                                                                                                 925-889-9688

Do not email credit card information because security cannot be guaranteed. 

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